The Flying Container Project – a game changing solution for logistic issues!

International freight transport is based on the 40-feet 32T containers. But there are areas where logistical infrastructure does not exist or does not offer satisfactory quality and safety. To address this  market, VOLIRIS is developing an aircraft capable of ferrying a container between two locations in a totally automatic way, the automatic container transport by air shuttle – NATAC.

  • New exploration sites
  • Mines, oil fields
  • Temporary operation
  • Extreme logistics
  • Seasonal work
  • Quick deployment logistics
  • Refugee camps and natural catastrophe recovery
  • Environment-friendly (CO2 credit)
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Unprecedented operational characteristics

  • Transport a 40feet container up to 30.5 T
  • 1000 Km of autonomy
  • Flying at low altitude and low speed
  • Takeoff and landing on unprepared runways of approximately 800m
  • On the ground, single operator assistance during takeoff and approach
  • Unhijackable system
  • Operated in segregated air corridors

Secured Air Bridge Shuttle



Once NATAC has been programmed, it is limited to back and forth journeys from a given departure base to a given destination base. NATAC adapts to different wind directions as long as weather condition are within the limits defined by the test pilot who did the programming. On arrival, the operator needs to check that the runway is clear. He can order the machine to make 360° rounds above a safety altitude to clear the runway if necessary.

NATAC sends its position by satellite, but is not radio-controlled during the flight. This is an important feature to prevent misuse or terrorist hijack. The trajectory is defined according to license granted by the government. As many waypoints as necessary can be programmed on the trajectory which does not necessarily need to be a straight line.