The Multi-Use Drone by VOLIRIS !

The patented multi tools drone

The Multi-Use Drone (code name “DMU”) was developed in order to carry out control and repair interventions without need of infrastructure. Especially on the shape of the NATAC airship.


DMU –  The prototype

Concept and prototype developed in our R&D center based in Moulins (03).



Outstanding characteristics

A great work endurance




The DMU has the ability to hang on many support, in able to work without need of engine thrust.


Its hanging system permit an endurance of several hours of work !


The system developed by Voliris allows it to hang on inclined planes or with roughness !




Many possibilities

The DMU is one of the first drone to have an on-board multi-tools system ; and it is interchangeable !




  •  Revolutionary multi-use drone with its multi-tools system.
  • Interchangeable system according to the mission or the application.
  • Ability to hang on wall, for precise, secure and long work.




Example of application: Inspection and repair on airship shape



  • Localisation of the area to analyzed/repair using its camera and lasers.
  • Cleaning of the area to be repaired.
  • Repair function with a system of heat-sealed patches, developed for the NATAC program.



Expandable capacities


The application of this concept to your fields (long surveillance, wind turbine, aeronautical inspection, building, ..) can extend your activities.


Do you need it ? Call us ! We can adapt this solution to your needs.