Flight Simulator :

To complete all the know-how developed by our team it became necessary for us to own a powerful tool of airships piloting simulation. To be relevant, this tool has to be able to handle a model of our machines, their geometry and their flight parameters. The intend was to closely replicate the behavior of our aircrafts for pilot training and autopilots flight simulations. After several months of work on the programs and hardware, our R&D crew successfully designed a flight simulator dedicated to airship using hybrid lift. Calibrated by our pilots this tool consists of a faithful reproduction of our V901 airship’s gondola, professional grade controls and electronics devices and a 15m² widescreen display.

Our flight simulator can simulate all weather conditions and various failures scenarios. It is an indispensable tool for the training of pilots.

This tool is open to pilots and airships designers wishing to learn or improve their skills in the piloting of hybrid airships. Immersion and realism guaranteed!